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OCEANBEAT is looking for
highly motivated Sales Promoters

from May - October on Ibiza 2017!

Ready to forget your routine?

OCEANBEAT IBIZA offers all-inclusive packages for a competitive price to the tourist market! We offer the biggest and legendary all-inclusive biggest BOAT PARTIES.

Besides this we offer all-inclusive POOL PARTIES, OFFICIAL PRE, and AFTER PARTIES in cooperation with all the biggest and famous clubs (Space, Pacha, Ushuaia, Privilege, DC-10, Zoo Project, Ocean Beach and Amnesia)

What will be your job as a SALES PROMOTER?

To invite tourists on the beach, streets, bars, hotels to OCEANBEATS events.

What do we offer:

• A team with highly motivated colleagues and a great working environment with an excellent training adjustment to the job with a 2-3 days „Sales Workshop“.
• A wide range of top quality products of the company itself and the established partners like: Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, Swag, Ushuaia, DC10, Es Parradis and more.
• Weekly professional workshops and single training sessions in „direct sales“
• Top commission levels and incentives
• Cheap staff accommodations
• Spectacular and unforgettable team events
• Club passes and discounts (free entrances) to the biggest clubs of Ibiza
• Sales certification for further references
• Recommendation letter for further references

Job requirements / qualification

• High flexibility in the field of working hours and changes of working areas
• Strong communication and language skills (very good English or at least two different European languages)
• Advanced costumer service skills and friendly and appealing appearance
• Being enthusiasm and always being open to get motivated
• High level of self motivation and independent working moral
• Interpersonal skills and target-oriented
• A special talent to reach people's attention
• At least 6 weeks availability to work (May - October)


How to Apply:

TO APPLY send us your CV with two pictures (portrait and full body), questionnaire (see below), motivation letter why you are the right one for this job.

Questionnaire about yourself!

- How many languages do you speak and how well do you speak them?
- How would you describe your personality?
- What are your professional experiences and what is your profession at the moment?
- What qualifications do you have for this job?
- Why do you want to do this job?
- How did you hear about this job? .
- How long would you like to work for us?
- What other positions are interesting to you?
- And how much would you like to earn?

Do not hesitate and go for your IBIZA JOB 2017. We are looking forward to receiving
your application and to see you on OCEANBEAT board.!!!

OCEANBEAT IBIZA BOAT PARTY OPENING 2017 > Saturday April 29th, 2017

Saturday 29 April, 2017

The Oceanbeat IBIZA opening and closing fiestas are two of the biggest events on the Ibiza summer boat party calendar. If you are clubbing in one of the superb Clubs during openings, this is the perfect chance to catch the craziest All-Inclusive Boat Party of Ibiza.
Pure madness is waiting for you !
How to apply
How to apply:
send your
- CV and
- two pictures

(portrait and full body)
- full Questionnaire list
- motivation letter

(why you are the right one for this job?)
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